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Magpie Funeral Movie starring Darren Burrows
Magpie Funeral starring Darren Burrows, Meredith Shank and Elizabeth Leach

MAGPIE FUNERAL follows Sy McMurphy (Darren Burrows) who is a bird lover – especially magpies. In fact, Sy wants to witness a magpie funeral one day. Sy also yearns to be a successful screenwriter. But for decades, he has been sending screenplays to Hollywood directors with no success. For now, he has settled for an unsatisfactory job directing tedious shows for a local TV station. Randy (David Weisenberg) is Sy’s boss at the station and long time nemesis who takes out his frustrations on Sy. Then one day Sy meets Nancy (Meredith Shank) and her five year old daughter, Lisa (Elizabeth Leach). Suddenly, events are set in motion which defy Sy’s convictions of love and success. The birds sing, a child dreams, Sy connects and searches for his purpose. It’s a story we can all relate to.      Magpie Funeral Movie

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