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Final Sound and Picture Almost Completed!

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

You may not be aware of this but every movie you watch in theaters or online (Netflix, etc) is color corrected. But what does that mean exactly? Simply put EVERY shot in a film is adjusted for color tint, saturation, contrast, brightness, etc to achieve the intended look. The best look. Every shot.

After that, every shot in a scene (There are 138 scenes in our film) is adjusted to match each other. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? Well, it is.

There are 1400 shots in MAGPIE FUNERAL and we are undergoing this intense color correction process as we speak. I'm excited because the results are looking good. In fact, the results are terrific!

Magpie Funeral Movie stars Darren Burrows
Magpie Funeral Movie gets Color Corrected

At the same time, the final sound mix is underway. All 94 tracks (dialog, suound effects, ambient tracks, etc.) are being expertly mixed together by Bruce Chianese to create the emotional impact we want.

Magpie Funeral Movie stars Darren Burrows
Magpie Funeral Movie stars Darren Burrows

Did I mention our music? There are 35 cues (instances of music in MAGPIE FUNERAL) and every single one of the cues is masterful. Ricardo Veiga and his team have done a marvelous job crafting music to support the emotion seen on the screen. All I can say about the music is 'wow.'

Each day we're getting closer to completion. Stay tuned!

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