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MAGPIE FUNERAL is 'Festival Ready'

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

After months of meticulous post-production and original music composing work, we are excited to announce that MAGPIE FUNERAL is now ready for festival submission!

Magpie Funeral Movie stars Darren Burrows
Magpie Funeral is Ready

A carefully curated list of targeted film festivals has been created. Over the coming weeks, we'll keep you posted on our festival activity. We're excited to premiere MAGPIE FUNERAL soon at one of these top festivals. Perhaps you can join us!

A shout-out to our team (headed by Ricardo Veiga) who created the original music for MAGPIE FUNERAL. Wait until you hear their genius at work. Thank you all!

Meet Magpie Funeral Movie's Music and Sound Team
Magpie Funeral Movie's Music Team

(From left to right) Karen Naifeh Harmon, Bruce Chianese, Ricardo Veiga and Dallas Howard

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