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News You've Been Waiting For!

It took Greg Green five years to get here, folks. MAGPIE FUNERAL is finally on Amazon Video. What a journey.

This weekend, please watch MAGPIE FUNERAL on Amazon, then (this is important) rate and review. Why? Amazon watches the number of MAGPIE FUNERAL rentals/purchases AND ratings/reviews that come through. When we reach 50 views/ratings/reviews, Amazon will start promoting MAGPIE FUNERAL on their platform.

Imagine. You can make that happen.

If you have seen MAGPIE FUNERAL in the theater, the version on Amazon is slightly different. See what the differences are!

So get comfortable, grab your favorite snack/drink and enjoy MAGPIE FUNERAL in the comfort of your own home. Then rate and review please. Five years of hard work will come to fruition if you do. Enjoy!

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