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Our MAGPIE FUNERAL trailer is running!

And what a time for our trailer to be running at The Flicks - right before the biggest box office films of the year, OPPENHEIMER and BARBIE. Greg Green, director of MAGPIE FUNERAL, has a story, But first, remember that MAGPIE FUNERAL starts August 11th at The Flicks Theater, 646 Fulton Street Boise ID 83702

Now back to Greg's story...

Greg and his wife, Juliana were at The Flicks last Sunday to see OPPENHEIMER. The Flicks shows three trailers at the beginning of their films. That day, the MAGPIE FUNERAL trailer was one of them!

"It was a sold out theater. People were laughng at the right moments - everything I hoped for. I could tell the audience was into it. What a thrill!" Greg says.

If you're in the Boise area, be sure to mark your calendars and see MAGPIE FUNERAL at The Flicks starting August 11th, a family-friendly, warm-hearted tale that we're sure you'll love. See you there!

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